What I’m About

So, first post.  For my zero readers, the question: why?

I’m a frequent blogger in the sense of reading and commenting.  I’ve thought about blogging, but felt that a successful blog needs lots of posts so that people come back.  I don’t realistically have time for that.  Nonetheless, I want a blog, I need a place to put my own thoughts and views without needing to always start with someone else’s post, and commenting on that.

So what am I intending to post?  I have a few things immediately in mind, but no doubt it will change over time.  I have a few interests (hopefully enough to be somewhat interesting to others).

Firstly, technology.  Random things I find, things I’m doing, things I’ve created.  Some thoughts, some tips, things that other people might want.  I used to put this stuff on forums.whirlpool.net.au, but it doesn’t really feel permanent enough.  So, my own posts.  Likely to cover various linux stuff, mythtv and media servers, bits and pieces of technology that I’m using or tweaking.  Likely at current time to include some Ruby stuff, as I’m on a path to learning more ruby on rails.  This also likely implies some amazon hosting, so may be some coverage there.

Next, politics.  A big hobby for me, I’m interested in politics across the world, I’m a kiwi (and I vote in NZ), so that’s number one.  Australian politics because I’m resident in Australia, US politics because it interests me.  Other random politics because I’m a junky, but expect that content to be rather less informed.

Bits of other stuff.  Running and other sports, bits of building as we think about building a house (just finished renovating the one we have), smatterings of other stuff such as economics and public choice theory.  We’ll see how it pans out.

So if that’s what you’re interested in, then stay.  If not, then maybe one or two posts will interest you.  Or not, that’s your choice.


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