VM performance

Interestingly, I had some VMs that were performing poorly on things that looked IO related – file copy, compiles etc.  But I noticed today that the out of memory killer was hitting a few processes.  These are server VMs, so no Xorg on them, so in theory they need little memory.  I’d set them to respectively 256M and 384M (the second running mysql).  I gave them 4GB of swap and thought I’d be fine.

They weren’t really using swap, and the OOM killer hit a few tasks.  Given that I’m not really memory limited on the host (6GB), I figured I could afford to allocate more.  Pushed both up to 512M and they run enormously differently.  So maybe RAID performance isn’t all of my issue here.  Might put in a birthday present request for more RAM….it’s an old Q6600, so the RAM isn’t too expensive for it.


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