Julia Gillard in Western Sydney

Heard some quotes on the Radio this morning.

You will not come second to other suburbs.”  Seems a silly thing to say.  Were they coming second to other suburbs?  Will they now come first?  Seems like basically she was saying that “we’ll treat you the same as everyone else”.  Is that not what they were already doing?

The 5 things that Federal Labor will do for Western Sydney include infrastructure (such as the NBN).  The NBN is already being done, other infrastructure such as…..roads and rail…..are already being done by the State govt aren’t they?  Education, isn’t that a state responsibility?  The National Disability Insurance Scheme.  I thought NDIS was being done anyway.  Seems to me that if you’re going to visit a place to shore up the vote, you’d want something a bit more targeted.  Perhaps there’ll be more during the week, but as many commentators are saying, this is at risk of being a debacle.


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