Roads in Western Sydney

So, Gillard has apparently (according to the radio) said that Federal Labor would fund the motorway to Western Sydney.  But in the fine print, only if the plan is changed (to make it more expensive), and only to the tune of $1B.  The State government say that the changes would cost $6B, so not really a good deal to get $1B for something that costs $6B.  Mean-time, apparently Abbott had already promised $1.5B for the existing plan.

The Federal govt doesn’t even really have responsibility for roads.  So it’s flat out a bribe.

Simple rule here.  If you’re trying to bribe people with their own money, it’s really better not to put conditions on it.  And if you’re trying to trump someone’s previous offer, your offer sort of needs to be better, not worse.  It doesn’t really matter what the facts are, the meme in the media (remembering I’m listening to radio left wing here) is that Gillard offered two thirds of what Abbott offered, and put conditions on it that made it impossible.

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