The UN: What are they good for

So, the UN have apparently written a letter to the Australian government suggesting that the benefit “cuts” last year are in breach of obligations under UN treaties.  Apparently they result in women being worse off, and impact the poorest people.  I’m not sure why it is that a policy that many countries don’t have in the first place, including most of the poor countries in the world and many of the rich ones, is breaking UN obligations when you remove it.  Are they sending letters to all the countries that never had such a policy telling them that their inability to get one is breaking UN obligations?

Further interesting, neither the Australian nor the SMH have any reporting on it that I can easily see.  Whereas it was highly placed in the ABC NewRadio coverage.  Why is this news to them, but not to anyone else?  Hmmmm.


2 thoughts on “The UN: What are they good for

  1. Unblelievable how these people think they can poke their noses into sovereign territory. We had a NZ politician who madwe a relatively racist statement about Islam and Wogistan, and they went off the roof telling us off for bad attitude. gosh.

  2. Well, he does have a bad attitude!! But none of the UN’s business, I’m sure they don’t send these missives to Iran or to some places in Africa. Surely there’s a point where a country is sufficiently under control that they don’t need “assistance” from the UN – and the UN must have more important things to do with their time.

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