Even the Canberra Times

Interesting. We call the Times the Canberra Pravda, because they tend to take a rather left wing line. The Saturday opinion pages were pretty cool towards Julia Gillard today. It’s clearly a problem when even your staunchest supporters have difficulty mustering more than luke warm enthusiasm, and say things such as the Western Sydney visit looked stage managed and wooden, and that you were getting bad advice.

Still, many a slip twixt cup and lip. This far out it’s feeling more like a Liberal election, and the win in WA today for the Libs will be positive stories for the right for a week or so. Then parliament is sitting again for a couple of weeks, then the budget is coming up. Not sure the budget will be a good news story, the media are lining up already to explain how hollow it is – it’ll be in deficit, or it’ll be a cash splash, or it will be too timid. As the Pravda said, it is currently beyond the Labor party to make this for themselves. They’re relying on the Libs to screw it up. There was a bit of ill-discipline from the Libs this week, particularly with Scott Morrison off on his own doing something he didn’t need to be doing. I suspect he’ll be getting a quiet kicking.

And one other point. What’s with the O’Connor boys. Is it really a good look to be parroting the line of your brother the union leader when you’re the immigration Minister. Are they really so lacking in self-awareness to not understand how that looks?


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