SMH: Labor clearly need to change leader

Peter Harcher today seems to be arguing that it is almost inevitable that Labor will change leader to Rudd, and that it’s only inertia and Rudd’s agreement not to challenge that’s holding them back.  No doubt speculation like this will eventually create its own reality and the Labor party will follow it.  They will then be awfully surprised when those polls turn out to have been wrong, and people actually don’t really like Rudd once he’s again in the public spotlight.

With my right-wing hat on I’m not sure whether it would be good or bad for Labor to change leader.  On the one hand, Abbott appears to have Gillard beaten, so no change is a good thing.  On the other hand, I would figure that a Labor party that changes leader yet again will look feckless and incompetent.  And I think the media will be much less forgiving of Rudd’s old tendencies this time round.  I can’t really imagine him being as popular as the polls say, and the leadership change would further damage brand Labor.

Really what I’d like to see is some policies to discuss.  But the budget comes first.


One thought on “SMH: Labor clearly need to change leader

  1. It would be damaging for the ALP brand to go back to Rudd and I can’t see the caucus delivering Rudd’s revenge against Gillard. (Not even mentioning the spectre of the NSW disease).

    Also with Rudd’s second pitch for leadership, the Coalition have enough ALP soundbites denouncing Rudd to make the advert strategy fairly easy against him if he regains leadership.

    Good luck with wanting to see policies discussed as since the 07 election campaigning has overtly been about personalities not policies.

    This budget is not going to be pretty.

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