The Australian without registration

I note that I often link to the Australian.  Yes, I know that their journalism standards have dropped in recent years, and that any time I read an article on something that I have deep knowledge of it is clear that 80% of it is blatantly wrong and that the analysis is missing the point.  But perhaps that’s because I know a lot about IT and in general IT reporting is about publishing media releases and hatchet jobs on various projects that aren’t going as well as they could have (and what project does?).  And ultimately The Australian is the bastion of the right in Australian media, the Fairfax press don’t have materially better journalism and lean heavily to the left.

Having said that, The Australian has a paywall.  And that can make it hard for people to view articles I link to.  This is a short tip on how to get to those articles without registering.

First, go to the article through the link.  This will give you an abbreviated version of the article – usually the first two paragraphs.  Copy one entire sentence from that abbreviated summary, then go to your google search bar and put that search criteria in within quotes.  For example, I’d search for:

“THE numbers inside Labor’s federal partyroom are now such that Julia Gillard couldn’t call a spill to end leadership speculation even if she wanted to.”

Then click on the first result that comes back, which is invariably the Australian, unless it’s an article that they’ve published off a newswire somewhere.  The paywall doesn’t apply to views of articles that start from Google – because The Australian want to continue to have a presence on Google, they have to allow free logon from Google.

Sure, it’s a bit of a hassle, and if you read a lot of The Australian it’s easier to just buy a subscription – it’s not that much money.  But if you read only intermittently, or you’re in that lefty camp where you declare “I’ll never give those bastards any of my money” but you actually want to look at what they’re writing once in a while, this works.


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