SMH again: Crean today, The Australian half hearted

Today the SMH is spruiking Crean.  Apparently if Crean put his name forward, then that would allow Rudd to nominate, and some reckon Rudd would win.  In my view the media laws are giving the air time that Gillard’s detractors need – she needs to either save the laws or ditch them.  Realistically she should have ditched them a week ago, as they clearly could be a test that she didn’t need right now.

Funnily enough the SMH says “The manoeuvring came at the end of a day in which two ministers had to reaffirm their support for the Prime Minister after reports in The Age that they had lost confidence in the Prime Minister.”  Have they forgotten their own article?

I wonder how long before they speculate on Carr being a compromise candidate – he goes over well with the public.  Instead they have a nothing article about him being at the UN.

The Australian is slow to the party.  Peter Van Olselen is suggesting that the spill will come before the end of the week – but like the SMH he has been pushing for someone (anyone) to do something before Labor lose all hope.  Quote of the day would be “Is this the Gillard government’s equivalent of the last days of Rome?  ‘Nah, mate, Rome was great once, one Labor MP pointedly tells The Australian.”  They do speculate that Gillard is good negotiating “inside the beltway” and might be capable of saving the media laws.  The opposition have said they will vote for two of the six, that’s a start, no doubt the Greens support a couple.

It’s feeling a bit more like something might happen this week, I still think 50/50 chance on that.  I still don’t see the clear alternate, nor the clear misstep that would bring Gillard down.  A bad Newspoll next week could do it, but parliament isn’t sitting next week, so would be hard.  The Australian is talking about the possibility of caucus getting back together before the budget though, which is an interesting development.





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