Gillard comes out on top

So, we’re back where we started.

Winners: Albanese, Gillard, Swan, Conroy.  They were having a disaster of a week that would have really taken the shine off.  The story has now shifted from that disaster to Gillard staring down the nay sayers.  My pick is that she gets a small bump.  But it won’t last, because in a few weeks all people will remember is the mess.

Losers: Rudd – because he clearly still doesn’t have the numbers.  Fitzgibbons and Crean.  But I suspect Crean is retiring anyway.  Abbott, because he chose to focus on the process and not on the mess in parliament, so now he’s landed no punches today.

My money medium term is on Carr.  He’s the only one I reckon could unite the party and save the furniture.  He’s not Rudd, he’s not Gillard.  So that’s half way there.  He’s enough of a Labor man that he’ll take the job even though he knows it’s a losing election and he’ll get the knife afterwards.  He’s not a threat to Shorten et al who have aspirations for the future.  It’s either that or stick with Gillard.

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