What next for Labor?

Gillard has declared that it is over and we’re moving on.  A decent chunk of her front bench have gone to the backbench – 7 I believe including all three whips.  She now has to replace them all.  I saw someone on the internet pointing out that those who resigned and went to the back bench generally had very safe seats – they will still be MPs after the election.  Those who stuck with Gillard such as Swan generally are on paper thin majorities, most of them aren’t going to be MPs after the election.  Makes you wonder what logic they’re using really.  Gillard will have a loyal cabinet.  But will that cabinet have the horsepower to run an election?  And are those on the backbench just waiting it out – after the election Gillard clearly won’t have a majority of caucus any more.


2 thoughts on “What next for Labor?

  1. Some journalists in NZ say Gillard has balls. Its very New Zealand but many of these journalists are women.
    They think that a short term reprieve is a victory.
    We are particularly dumb here in NZ, especially in the Press, they print drivel

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