Peter Van Onselen nails his colours to the mast

In the Australian over the weekend, we have this.  I really can only interpret this long diatribe as:

1. The Labor party have been mean to Rudd

2. That’s not fair

3. By the way, I liked Rudd

4. Labor will now lose in the election, and I for one will gloat about it

I always thought that Peter was a not-so-closet lefty, but frankly with this article he’s bought heavily into Labor internal politics, and quite clearly taken sides in that.  Sure, it’s an opinion piece, but Peter’s position has always attempted to be (so far as I can tell) that he is above the fray, a dispassionate observer.  This article definitely puts paid to that fiction.

Key quotes are:

Unfortunately, journalists cannot give up their sources because I would defy any journalist to claim that Rudd himself had committed to running against Gillard this week.

He never was going to.


Anyone feeling sorry for the way that Rudd is alleged to have treated Simon Crean by not following him over the top (keeping in mind that Crean went beyond even the mandate Rudd supporters gave him by running for the deputy PM’s position) should remember the way that Crean has treated Rudd in recent years.

I think these were arguably true statements, and not as partisan as some later stuff:

Wayne Swan takes the cake, however. How can a deputy prime minister, representing the same state as Rudd no less, issue a media release claiming – among a host of other insults – that Rudd has “never had Labor values” yet not begin the process of expelling him from the party?


Stephen Conroy cannot seriously be left in the communications portfolio after the way that he (mis)handled the media reforms, or following the delays to the National Broadband Network rollout sneakily announced on the same day as the spill.

I actually hadn’t noticed that sneaky announcement.  But who’s not in favour of government funded broadband, even if it is late?  It’s not like you’d have to personally pay taxes to get it.  What’s that you say, actually I do pay taxes?  Well, who would have guessed.  🙂

What has been done to Rudd goes well beyond anything we have seen before in Australian politics: the trashing of his name, the weak removal of him as leader, without even giving Rudd a chance to reform his ways.

Those actions by Gillard and her close supporters, more than anything else, are to blame for the state of federal Labor now.


We’ll see how in awe the caucus is of these skills come September 14, when Gillard and her team go up against the most unpopular opposition leader in Australian political history, and are comprehensively demolished.

Can you say dummy spit?


One thought on “Peter Van Onselen nails his colours to the mast

  1. I can not be sure, but my friends in Australia are furiously antagonistic to Gillard and well, antagonistic to Abbott as well. They say they will vote for him. Imagine that the lucky country, the open hearted country where nobody likes anybody. What has become of you people.
    If Rudd had not a substantial backing there would be no reason for him to continue challenge.
    Surely by now everyone knows that the Gillard Govt is dead, and you have to be very alive to take over a dead Government.
    Why would Rudd want to lead a Government to self slaughter.
    I do not know about Abbott, I will read further

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