Latest Newspoll: Labor behind, but recovering somewhat

Logically they couldn’t stay as bad as they were, the events over the past few weeks were abysmal for Labor, a 2% recovery is about right.  So a recovery in their numbers was predictable (and I predicted it even).  It’s 50/50 whether it will get better again in the next poll, but I don’t see a medium term trend upwards for them yet (if ever).  I think the mess has done long-term damage, it will be part of the reason they cannot get a breakthrough in polling.  So again, they are waiting for Abbott to make a mistake.  It’s his to lose.  The question is whether the Libs have the discipline to play it out all the way to the election.  They’ve been running a tight ship for the last couple of years, so clearly it’s possible.  But sections of the media (particularly the Fairfax media) are waiting for something to pounce on, and I reckon they’ll find something before election day.  I’m not sure it will be enough.


One thought on “Latest Newspoll: Labor behind, but recovering somewhat

  1. All I hear from Australia is the utter derision for the Gillard Government . It was a cheat at the start from those 2 pretentious independents in NSW. Oakeshott his mouth off and Tony Windsor , failing their communities.
    They should both go next time.
    The days when union NSW and intellectual poof Melbourne rule Australia are gone.
    Nothing will change it, people have made up their minds

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