Newspoll: Rudd now and then

Interesting in the Australian today.

Labor’s support today is the same as it was the day that Rudd was deposed.

The big difference is that when Rudd was deposed and Gillard came in, the polls jumped for Labor from an election losing position to an election winning position.  So Rudd was the low point, Gillard was the high point.  They then fizzled over the next few polls.

This time, the polls have already jumped.  Rudd is the high point, and it’s only as good as the low point last time (before Gillard took over).

The polls are looking up for Labor at the moment, but my assessment of that statistic is that they’re not enough good to get there.  Maybe Rudd can bring in some policies that people like, but also maybe people will remember the policies he used to have that they didn’t like.


4 thoughts on “Newspoll: Rudd now and then

  1. For 2 years or more, most Oz media and the rabid Shock Jocks drenched the populous with brainwashing bile, marinating their heads with poisonous spin, whipping them into a frenzy, mouths dripping with venom and their heads full of hatred until they were so psyched up they actually believed the disgusting things being said.

    Hundreds of years ago, the Witchdoctor did something similar in whipping the young mindless warriors into a frenzy around the campfire before sending them off to attack a nearby tribe. They believed the Whitchdoctor.

    It worked then and it’s working today. But Julia didn’t deserve it. We are better than that, or should be.

    She has taken this hatred with her now, so the Witchdoctors will work fevorishly to “create” a similar intense hatred of Rudd.

    Rudds polling will probably go down as the Witchdoctors bring their forces into focus on him.

    They really do intensify the meaning of that great Australian adjective, “Bastards”.

    This is one of my cartoons on it (others there as well)……………………..


  2. I’m not sure I really agree mick. I think all politicians have their fan club and their detractors. Abbott is still getting drawn in a number of newspapers in his budgie smugglers, and there are a number of both major and minor media outlets who retain the view that him being a catholic is reason enough not to vote for him.

    My feel on Julia was that a lot of her problems were self inflicted due to poor political judgement. I guess we’ll see when the election comes.

  3. Agree with you, Paul, on that point,,,,,,,, we must wait for the tribe to speak.

    Then we can (as they continually say) move forward – – ->

  4. its good to read you PaulL, I am sorry that the fararr [ kiwiblog] always deletes me . I was on his column about poverty and begging, and wished to answer you . He tolerates no personal criticism at all . he is a fascist. I usually come back in his column as something like jackkerouacsbrother, but the fascist reads Ip numbers and deletes

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