Rudd: did the party know what they were getting into?

I think I see part of why the ALP really didn’t want Rudd back, because he’s fully taking his new authority out for a drive.  Not certain whether it’s part of a legitimate strategy to get reelected, or just pure vengeance.

So, today he’s putting in place a plan for a Federal takeover of the NSW ALP.  In a political sense, this is logical.  They’re a drain on your vote share because the NSW electorate are sick of the corruption.  So in picking a fight with them you both look like you’re cleaning things up (a bonus), and you ally yourself with the long suffering NSW voter against the NSW ALP.  Very smart move.

Better still, you get to make announcements about what you’re doing – reforming the ALP whether they like it or not.  And they can’t contradict you, and they can’t sack you, because there’s nowhere left to go.  I’d not want to be part of the ALP machine right at the moment – those who were complicit in the original Rudd back stabbing must be feeling awfully uncomfortable.  I think Rudd knows this is the best chance for reform that the party will ever get, and he doesn’t intend to squander it.

Could be interesting times ahead.  And it might even win him some votes.


2 thoughts on “Rudd: did the party know what they were getting into?

  1. Mr PaulL, I realise you are good commenter on NSW politic and larger, Queennland has yet to show its hand, but one thing we know is that Melbourne is dead.

  2. I tried to find out the structure of NSW labour but could not. I asked some friends in Australia but they didn’t know. Is the State
    structure subordinate to the PM. What do you do to clean it up, can he sack people, dissolve the associations, i would like to know. I look forward to more information and your posts

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