Election called

So, the election has been called.  And Rudd solicited donations during his launch statement, which is a first.  Interesting speech, focusing on how negativity won’t work, whilst lading in a decent chunk of negativity of his own.

Ultimately this comes down to policies.  Rudd has pushed out a lot of policies in the last few weeks, ditching unpopular policies, shifting others closer to coalition policies.  Abbott has also been accepting some policies from Labor to avoid politically unpopular comparisons.

Both the Libs and Labor are still short on policy.  Rudd has promised a productivity agenda, but I think he’s mostly promised a talk fest.  The Libs haven’t announced any significant policies as yet, and not clear whether they will.  But I think this election, more than others, isn’t going to be won by just pointing at the other side and saying “don’t vote for him.”  We’ll see whether that’s true.



2 thoughts on “Election called

  1. It will be interesting to see how this election campaign will be influenced by Tom McMahon, Joon Kim and Matthew McGregor. Tweeting the election announcement was an interesting opening savoy as was the open solicitation for cash (noted the increase from $5 to $10). Rudd laments that Abbott is funded by millionaires yet he (or more precisely) his family’s wealth makes him one of the richest parliamentarians.

    It was also evident in Rudd’s speech that the ALP believes QLD will be the key state with his constant references. Annoying how he thinks referring to Brisbane as Brissie is endearing.

    Rudd still can’t quite acknowledge Gillard’s tenure as PM. It will be a brutal election campaign.

  2. It will indeed. The story on money is an interesting one, there isn’t a lot of support for the contention that money drives election campaigns. Clearly you need enough money to campaign at all, but there is stronger evidence that good candidates get more donations than there is for more donations leading to winning.

    The normal form is that the Libs accuse the ALP of being funded by the unions (subtext being corruptly, secret, against the wishes of their members) and the ALP accuse the Libs of being in the pocket of big business. Politics as normal.

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