Abbot: Aboriginal affairs could be a game changer

I see in the various papers today that Rudd is down a bit, and Abbott looking more certain.  My interpretation is that the change is within the margin of error, so I personally wouldn’t have been calling that a peak/end of the honeymoon.  Unusual that it’s the Fairfax press making that call, they’re normally very pro-Labor.  What that means I don’t know yet, but I’d say that perhaps they’re finding it hard to maintain the pro-Rudd stories.  And ultimately everyone wants to be on the winning team, perhaps it’s more clear that the team to be on isn’t Labor?  If that happens, then Rudd is in trouble.

Abbott’s announcement (I won’t call it a policy yet, as it seems more like a set of principles) on Aboriginal affairs could be a game changer.  It’s clearly a positive policy, and he espouses a genuine right-wing vision:

  • Aboriginal people and communities shouldn’t be treated differently.  So some of the current policies like alcohol bans aren’t actually OK
  • We shouldn’t have lower expectations of Aboriginal people, higher crime rates in Aboriginal communities are not OK
  • We need to create employment and first world conditions for these folks
  • He believes that most Australians are uncomfortable with the outcomes that Aboriginal people are getting, and that current policies aren’t working
  • He’s enlisted Warren Mundine, someone long identified with Labor, including being the president of the ALP for a period, to run a super advisory board and report directly to Abbott on the matter

This is what we need to see from the Libs – clear plans, and policies that are right wing in nature whilst show casing that being right wing isn’t about money and economics, it’s about individual choice and responsibility, it’s about people getting the government out of their lives.


One thought on “Abbot: Aboriginal affairs could be a game changer

  1. Yes indeed , contriving and maintaining resricted and overseen communities for aborigine
    is no good answer.John Howard took the lazy way out.
    We in New Zealand have a different aboriginal problem,we pakeha have to pay priviledge every day for the superior race

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