Vegan pets: crazy?

Inside page on the Australian today, we have people who feed their pets vegan diets.  I guess it’s a story, but surely the reporter who wrote it spent the whole time trying to avoid laughing?  The general story is that a lady called Sally Anderson (who may be a reasonably astute businesswomen) is making vegan pet food.

Useful quotes that give you an idea of the quality of thinking behind this:

  • Nick Costa, a vet professor at Murdoch University co-developed the pet food.  So it might be healthy, if she did her job well
  • Melissa Catt of Sydney’s Paddington Cat Hospital said a vegan diet could pose serious health problems for cats in particular.  “Cats are one of four creatures in the world who are obligate carnivores; they need to have meat in their diet”
  • Hilary Lawrence, worker at “The Cruelty Free Shop”, who stock the pet food switched her cat to a vegan diet because she was unhappy with commercial pet food.  “There were lots of additives, lots of scientific words that I didn’t understand, just so many unnatural things”.  And “when I picked up Veganpet food I knew all the ingredients and I didn’t have to look up any of them.”
  • Filmmaker, spiritual teacher and author Billie Dean feeds the product to her 14 cats and seven dogs (crazy cat lady anyone?).  Ms Dean believed commercial pet food was the source of a range of animal illnesses and domestic animals were becoming “intolerant” to meat products.  “I do animal telepathy and I actually tune in and I’ve had cats say to me ‘I’m addicted to this stuff and it’s bad for me and I feel sick'”

Is it just me, or did they go out of their way to make these people sound a bit dumb and more than a bit crazy?  Or is it that these people are actually a bit dumb and more than a bit crazy?




One thought on “Vegan pets: crazy?

  1. You gotta feed a cat and dog good meat ,I am a Veterinarian by profession.
    If you feed them biscuits there better be a lot of protein in there.
    Vegetarian is for Harvey and Nancy

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