Configuring exim for Amazon mail – Debian, Exim4 and AWS SES

I’ve been working on creating a sample infrastructure on Amazon.  I’m choosing to use the Debian AMI, mostly because all my servers for a number of years have been Debian, and I’m familiar with it.  I wanted to install the logcheck package so I could get notifications, and in turn I wanted those messages to be mailed to me on my home mail address so I could review them.

Mail on AWS is sent using Amazon SES.  There are instructions in the Amazon documentation for configuring exim, and I found different instructions around the net, but in general they resulted in all local mail also being delivered via SES.  This is a problem for me as I haven’t configured any mail receipt for this domain, so lots of mail went into the aether, as well as being generally inefficient to send local mail out via SES.  Finally, some of the configurations appeared to be pushing usernames and passwords into the exim config file, which I didn’t like much.

I managed to navigate my way to a more standard exim4 configuration that works, this documents how to achieve that.

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