World famous Madras chicken curry

My better half is a cook, I used to cook more, but tend to not cook all that often these days.  Anyway, tonight I was off to make chicken madras curry using the Asian Home Gourmet curry paste pack.  There’s cooking in it (honest), you add onions and potatoes and everything.

As an aside, the story I heard is that with those cake packets that you buy in the shop, the key is that people have to feel like they’ve cooked or else they won’t buy them, they just buy a pre-made cake.  To feel like you’ve cooked you have to add something yourself. In Australia you tend to have to add an egg, add some water, stir it, then bake.  That’s cooking, without the egg it’d be just adding water.  In the USA, apparently they include egg powder in the mix, just adding water is enough to make you feel like you’ve cooked.  🙂

Anyway, the pack I wanted wasn’t in the cupboard.  So we went to the local shop to see if it was there.  It wasn’t.  Which got me thinking of making it from scratch.  We have about a zillion cookbooks.  Surely one of them had this recipe?

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