Garmin Forerunner 610

So, I have a Garmin Forerunner 610 running watch.  Overall pretty happy.  For those not familiar with it, review from DCRainmaker (best running gadget reviewer) here:

There’s one main problem I find.  It has a touch screen, and you swipe left or right to page through the data pages.  Problem is, it also pages left if you just tap it.  There are about 5 pages of data, but there are two I use a lot.  So I want to page left, then page right again.  Paging left is easy, a tap or a left swipe works.  Paging right isn’t easy.  About half the time it recognises my swipe as a tap, and goes left instead of right.  And now I’m two pages away, so I try to swipe again.  And maybe I get a tap, maybe a swipe.  If I get too far away, it’s easier to just start tapping and go all the way round.  It’d be nice to have a setting that turns off the tap, so that a swipe left and a swipe right are about as reliable as each other.

Just saying.