8: Deletes and resource error handling

Part 8 of the tutorial focuses on adding a delete button to our ngGrid, and adding error handling in case our rails application rejects our updates.  You can find the tutoral index, or hit the tutorials menu at the top and select the Rails 4 tutorial.

If you haven’t completed the earlier tutorials, you can get the code at github:PaulL tutorial_7.

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AngularJS and Rails Tutorial: part 7 form error handling, datepicker

Part 7 of a tutorial that connects AngularJS to a Rails backend. This post focuses on better error handling, adding a datepicker to the modal, and generally tidying up the application, making it prettier and removing some of the sample app that came with ng-boilerplate so that this is more a League application.  The previous post was Creating teams and a relationship between clubs and teams, the next post is not written yet (although there are some ancillary items such as CSRF and Devise integration on the index page).  You can also find the index of the posts in the tutorial, or hit the tutorials menu at the top and select the Rails 3 tutorial.

There is a newer, rails 4 and newer angularJS, version of this tutorial.  It is also more complete and has a nicer UI that doesn’t use modal windows, which is probably a better choice for anyone starting fresh today.  The first page in that tutorial is here, and the index here.

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