Openhab Heating Configuration

This tutorial is a section of my wider series on creating a home automation solution for heating and watering in my house.  Refer to the index here.

In this post I cover a detailed configuration of Openhab for heating purposes.  We create the rule sets to allow us to have an arbitrary number of zones, with each zone having 4 setpoints at configurable times during the day.  The zones push those setpoints down to the devices in the zone.  We allow people to change the temperature in a zone using the wall thermostat, but override again at the next timed change.

We also control the running of the boiler based on how many valves are open – this is to avoid the boiler short cycling when there are very few valves or valves only partly open.  We’ll cover this in more detail when we get to the relevant rules.

We create a sitemap that gives us access to most of this information.

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