7: Adding unit testing using karma

Part 7, in which we create karma unit tests for the list and edit controllers, including mocking the http calls.

If you’ve jumped into the middle of this tutorial, you’ll need the code from github:PaulL:tutorial_6, or you might want to visit the index page or hit the tutorials link above and look in the rails 4 tutorial.

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AngularJS and Rails Tutorial: part 4.5 unit testing bootstrap modals with Karma

Part 4.5 of a tutorial that connects AngularJS to a Rails backend. This post focuses on creating karma unit tests for the edit controller and the modal dialog, including mocking the modal dialog.  The previous post was ngGrid and a modal popup, the next post is New and Delete.  You can also find the index of the posts in the tutorial, or hit the tutorials menu at the top and select the Rails 3 tutorial.

I’ve split this content out into a separate post for two reasons.  Firstly, at time of writing this is incomplete, I still have an outstanding item on verifying the parameters passed in as promises.  Secondly, it’s going to be reasonably complicated once it’s done, and I’m assuming that some people will just want to get their Angular app going, and skip over the testing.  So, a separate page.

There is a newer, rails 4 and newer angularJS, version of this tutorial.  It is also more complete and has a nicer UI that doesn’t use modal windows, which is probably a better choice for anyone starting fresh today.  The first page in that tutorial is here, and the index here.

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