Even worse – it could be a negative

Thinking more about this, it could be a negative for Gillard.  She’s going into the election fighting with the states.  On health, they recently tried to cut money from Victoria.  Victoria just passed those cuts on to hospitals, and every day there was a new media report of cuts in health care caused by the Federal govt.  Gillard caved and gave the money back.

So the plan on Education is that the states must sign up to Gonski or get their funding cut.  When do the cuts take effect?  Middle of the school year?  What’s the bet Newman and Barnett will be out there with lists of schools that will have to be closed because of the Federal govt’s funding cuts.  Which will force Gillard into another embarrassing backdown, all of which could have been avoided by not starting this dance in the first place.

Once again, poor political management.


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